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Learning in two languages
Montessori Pedagogy
Career and university preparation
Digital education

Bilingual learning

strengthens cognitive skills, improves memory and concentration, enhances cultural understanding, promotes comprehensive communication skills, offers professional advantages and contributes to long-term open-minded acceptance.

Montessori Education

promotes independent learning, respects the individual learning pace, emphasizes the holistic development of the child, encourages independence and initiative, supports hands-on learning, fosters creativity and critical thinking, and cultivates a lifelong love of learning.

self-organised learning

promotes pupil independence, adapts to their individual learning pace, increases motivation and engagement, sharpens critical thinking, develops problem-solving skills, prepares for lifelong learning and empowers learners to act autonomously and responsibly.

digital learning

offers flexibility, personalized learning experiences, interactive content, promotes IT skills, enables efficient performance assessments, provides access to diverse resources and supports collaborative learning.

individualised support

adapts to the specific needs of the pupils, increases learning success and motivation, supports independence, supports learning difficulties, strengthens self-confidence and lays the foundation for long-term educational success.

cooperative learning

promotes teamwork, communication skills and social skills, improves mutual acceptance, supports diversity and inclusion, increases motivation and encourages critical thinking.

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