Parent Volunteer Support

Our school is based on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori (1870-1952).

Learning with respect and consideration on the part of the adults and doing things on site, in nature or with materials in the “prepared environment” of the classroom leads to the development of a self-contained and balanced personality in the child. Against this background, learning takes place primarily on an individual basis and in social interaction. Children learn very strongly with and from each other.

But this togetherness does not only concern our children. The commitment of the parents is a fundamental characteristic of our school. Without your commitment, the school would not exist in this form. Parent work hours are necessary to relieve the school financially. However, they are also an opportunity for parents to enrich the school community.

Your involvement as parents makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency. This means that school operations can offer our children more than regular schools. Therefore, it is essential that parents contribute their respective skills and also work hours.

Opportunities for parent work hours:

  • Work assignments
  • Participation in the open day
  • Accompanying the class on field trips
  • Creation of work materials in coordination with the educator
  • Parent workshops
  • Donation of materials in coordination with the school management
  • Accompanying the office of the parents’ representative/ class representative