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Teaching concept
School as a place of living  and learning
The International Primary School in cooperation with our pre-school  provides  a   whole-schoolday .

We offer perfect learning conditions, such as small classes, double-period lessons, no cancelled lessons, learning techniques  training, Montessori approach and individual teaching and learning  programmes. All of this guarantees success.

Students are taught in grades. Students remain from the 1st up to the 4th school year in their respective class groups. Class teachers usually accompany  their classes throughout two school years. The classrooms are equipped with a wide range of learning materials. Lessons are learned alone, in pairs, in small groups, in the class association, with the whole year and across the ages.

In addition to in-depth learning, the double-lesson model allows more time to experiment, to do homework and to repeat and practice.

Students have a maximum of four different subjects per day. In addition to greater freedom in the design of lessons, the 90-minute lessons also mean lighter school bags and less classroom changes for pupils and teachers. The lessons are methodologically diverse. Among other things, the students apply learned knowledge in discussions, work in the seating circle, carry out presentations and create learning posters.

Individual aproach       
After a systematic diagnosis of learning requirements and learning outcomes, we analyse the student's learning process. Strategies for targeted individual promotion and challenge are derived and implemented. For this purpose, the students use the Montessori room and the learning office. Our educators from the pre school  accompany the students in their individual learning in the classroom.

Use of digital media
Our school is connected to a modern fiber optic network and has its own server.

Our classrooms are equipped with projectors or smartboards. In addition to traditional school materials, students use IPads for learning.

From 4th grade onwards, we provide our students with an Office365 account with a variety of Office software such as Word, Power Point, Excel and Onedrive that enable active work at school and at home.
Individual Interim Reports from Grade 1 - 4
The specialist feedback from the teachers serves as the basis for the learning development discussions with the parents. The half-yearly certificates are prepared on the basis of the standardised learning development sheet. Up to 4th grade, students receive a learning development report at the end of the school year. In contrast to numerical certificates or competence grids, our learning development report does not describe learning levels, but rather learning developments. From the 5th grade  on we write grade certificates.

Giving feedback
Our feedback discussions are solution-oriented and part of our school culture. They serve feedback, transparency and orientation. Within the school community, it is the basis and decisive instrument of quality assurance.

We use a wide range of reading methods and strategies for the systematic development of reading literacy. The reading comprehension is promoted in all subjects.

Step by step, taking into account a variety of cooperative methods, students learn to build up, revise and assess their quality.

Learning to learn
For us, learning to learn means that students acquire basic skills in the methodological and social design of their work and learning processes.
We introduce student-activating forms of learning (weekly schedule, free work) into the classroom. This gives students more opportunities to be active in learning, to process, research, experiment, present, practice and repeat information on their own.

Extracurricular learning places
Relating to  the respective module, we regularly use extracurricular learning locations. In doing so, the students open up connections to the topic and are able to collect experiences and new impressions

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