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I can speak two languages
The increasing internationalisation of the education and labour market in a globalised world presupposes mastery of the English language as a key qualification.

Good language skills open up opportunities for people in their personal development, in school and at work.

Since 2005 the International  Primary School is the first and only bilingual school in Potsdam. In view of the high attractiveness and success of our English department lead by native speakers,we are a sought-after school.

The basis of our bilingual concept is the immersion method. This has proven its worth in many countries for 30 years. The earlier the start of immersion education, the clearer the results will become in terms of the acquisition of bilingualism  good school performance in general.

In the English-language classes, students are taught from the first to the fourth year by native speakers. All subjects except German and sport are taught in the English language.

Playful   learning and daily practice in the English language help students to use a   foreign language naturally from the getgo.
The lessons are held in English, with the emphasis on the content and not on the language. The teaching materials are also usually in English.

From the 5th grade onwards,  the subjects of social sciences and natural sciences can be taught in English. The focus is on expertise. The main subjects are taught in German.

In the German-speaking classes, the subject of English is taught by native speakers. This is done from the first year of school for six hours per week.

The bilingual orientation at the Internationale Gesamtschule Potsdam takes place in the social sciences and natural sciences and enables the students to continue to be taught in English in these subjects.

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