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Upper secondary school (GOST) consist of an introductory year 11 and the qualification years 12 and 13 for the Abitur.

Admission to upper secondary school requires the FOR Q certificate after year 10. Year 11 is the introductory year to upper secondary school.

Starting in 2018 students are required to take two advanced courses (Leistungskurse, 5 hours weekly) in the second term of year 11.

The remaining courses have three to four hours a week.

The Intensivierungskurs focuses on indivdual  needs of students preparing for the qualification phase.

The seminar course starts in year 12 and is geared towards methods and social learning.

Students have two options:

Academic training or vocational training

The qualification phase
Admission to the qualification phase is dependent on a student's performance in the introductory year 11.

The Abitur exams
The Abitur exams include three written exams (two advanced courses and one elementary course) and one oral exam. Students are required to sit exams in two of either German, Maths, and a foreign language. Students have to cover Science or Maths, languages, and social sciences with their exams.

21.04.2021 - written Exam Grundkurse

23.04.2021 - written Exam Englisch

30.04.2021 - written Exam German

04.05.2021 - written Exam Math

from 10th of Mai 2021 Start oral Exams
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