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As a tied whole-day school, we make our contribution to the future-oriented further development of our  educational mission. This enables individual support and a better reconciliation of family and work.

Our aim is to shape the environments in such a way that learning becomes successful. This means that the students experience our school as successful and meaningful.

The most important thing is the ability to be creative in order to be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century in a sustainable and innovative way. Our school climate is characterised by transparency, clarity and structure of the teaching and school procedures.

Our school sees itself as a "learning organisation". We face the constant process of reflecting on  our teaching methods  and content also, as well as  the changing social requirements.
These relate to the content of education, the promotion of interdisciplinary competences, evaluation procedures, school quality and cooperation with parents and other institutions.

The acquisition of pure factual knowledge is fading into the background. We teach students learning and methodological skills to find, evaluate and creatively use relevant information.

Communicative, social and human skills must be promoted more in the future.

Use of digital media
Our school is connected to a modern fiber optic network and has its own server.

Our classrooms are equipped with projectors or smartboards. In addition to traditional school materials, students use tablets and laptops for learning.

From 4th grade onwards, we provide our students with an Office365 account with a variety of Office software such as Word, Power Point, Excel and Onedrive, which enables active work at school and at home. In media classes, students create their own learning or music videos, or other school projects. For this purpose, the students learn how to use the various programs for image, video and vector graphics editing.

As part of a pilot project until the end of the school year, year 9 students will learn the programming languages HTML, Css, PHYTON and Javascript. Classes are held in English.

Our student are being trained in medien competence starting at grade 7
Crosscurricular learning of internet safety:

  • how to use office365
  • ten finger writing on keyboard
  • using a digital classbook
  • aplication training as part of the subject W-A-T
  • programming Power Point presentations
  • Speaking and presenting skills

Cooperation between parents and extracurricular partners       ,
Our school attaches great importance to dialogue and constructive cooperation with parents and partners.

Teachers, educators and parents support each other in their educational and educational mission and contribute together to the performance and well-being of the pupils.

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