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Projects and Competitions
Here, you can find an impression of our student's arts and information about events, competitions and projects.
On September 13 our Spendenlauf 2019 took place. The aim of this event is to collect money for a good purpose while running laps. Beforehand our students had to look for a donor, who then donates a certain amount of money for each lap run by our students. This year’s donations will support elderly people of our community, and it will enable the purchase of materials and supplies for the school.
International Reading Day
On November 15 the International Reading Day 2019 took place. We celebrated this day with a lot of different reading related activities. Before noon students from year 4 to 6 read to students of the younger classes and to children of the kindergarden, and teachers, parents and other staff members presented their favorite books to the children. In the afternoon a book stock exchange was arranged so that books could be bought. Additionally, different filmic versions of books were shown in a cinema like atmosphere.
100th schoolday
Congratulations to our Grade 1 pupils for achieving their first ‘100 days’ at school! Our school was buzzing on Thursday 23rd January as our Grade 1 classes shared their fantastic ‘100 themed’ home projects and participated in a wide range of celebratory activities throughout the day. Grade 1 enjoyed a special breakfast and took part in some team games before sharing some of their learning successes and being awarded their special certificates. A big ‘Thank you’ to all of our Grade 1 families for their help and support in making this occasion such a unique and special one.
First Day of School
This year’s First Day at School took place on August 3, a memorable day thanks to good weather, excited students and a wonderful program prepared by students of years 2 to 4. Our new students of Class Copper and Class Lime were welcomed on our stage and then went together with their class teacher to their new classroom. After that their parents lined up to guide them to the “Zuckertütenbaum” where they received their Zuckertüten.
"Jugend trainiert für Olympia 2019"
YES 2019
In the scholastic year of 2018/19 our students of year 11 and 12 again paticipated in the “Yes Projekt” - a project offering students the opportunity to develop solutions to economic, ecological and societal problems. Under the program “Your future. Your decision. Our mission. EdUcan.” our students developed a online platform.
In the scholastic year of 2019/20 the Alfred Nobel School participated with our football teams in the “Jugend trainiert für Olympia” tournaments of all competition classes. On August 29 and September 3, our teams arrived at the quarter finals. On September 10 our team even reached the final and won the second place showing an awesome sportive performance. Next year we will try again.
Art of the Week
We like to show you special works of art here
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