Encouraging and challenging

We care individually and with commitment

We employ our Montessori room for this purpose. In this room, our students can work on their tasks with individual materials and resources.

Courses in German, Mathematics and English

During your child’s school day, they will actively learn the content specific to each subject according to the year phase of education. The main subjects (CORE) are Mathematics, German and English. Additionally, Sport, Art and Music lessons stimulate your child’s attainment.


In Years 5 and 6, we offer one hour of reading lesson in the timetable. Students from the comprehensive school or our educators read with our students.

While a teacher works with the larger part of the class to improve reading comprehension and language skills and, of course, to whet the students’ appetite for reading, educators in the second room supervise a small group of students who have particular difficulties with reading and reading comprehension. Due to the small group size, this support is very individualised and significantly expands skills.


All pupils with particular difficulties in writing take part in the writing club. Here we offer individual support from a specialist teacher. Due to the small group size of these clubs, the teachers can respond to the problems of the individuals and offer individual practice formats.


Whether it is due to learning arrears or dyscalculia – we also take care of students with special problems in the subject of mathematics. Also by means of a standardised test at the beginning of school years 5 and 6, we determine who is having great difficulty in the subject of mathematics. These students will then participate in the Maths Club.