Your child's future starts here

What drives us

To provide a positive, creative and supportive learning environment which promotes each learner to develop their skills in enquiry-driven, independent and meaningful learning. To learn and develop together in an open-minded, creative and multi-cultural community.

We believe that access to quality education also includes providing an environment where each student’s learning is allowed to develop at its own pace without the fear of failure. We are committed to each student and relish accompanying them on their journey as life-long, global learners.

Our students grow up in a different world than we did in our school days. They are confronted with different experiences and have different needs. In order to meet our students' needs, we adapt our teaching methods to successfully meet these needs. We are flexible and constantly developing in step with your child.

This is what we do

As an education partner, we are committed to providing excellent training and education that empowers students to succeed.

We strive to encourage our learners to be the best that they can be. Our students gain valuable business education modules which provide an insight into the business world and provide an essential real-life context to our school program.

Our school takes a unique approach to education by combining cooperative, interactive and self-organized learning. 

What we stand for

Our common goals:

Open communication guides students to discover their talents and develop skills.

Differentiated learning methods help our students to learn according to their pace. This is achieved via the implementation of group working teams, the use of technology, differentiated learning tools, the open space design program and the choice of elective educational courses.

This is successfully achieved by ...

giving each child the optimum chance of success, supported by each member of their education team focusing on the sole aim of learner development and learner well-being.

Teaching the essential life skills via the delivery of innovative education is not achieved by acting alone - it is based on the partnership of parents, teachers and educators who share a common concern. We believe in developing close school home relations in order to support our students every step of the way.

Highly skilled, professional and empathetic educators whose enthusiasm is reflected in their forward-looking teaching, in promoting school success and in setting high expectations to the education of our children.

Your child’s education partner

Clear communication and agreement regarding your child's education is a prerequisite for successful collaboration. During our admission interview, we clarify our expectations and responsibilities to ensure that your child receives the best education possible.

Learning aims

Parents want their child to achieve the most out of their school education and to be securely prepared for every success in the future. Being challenged and motivated to actively learn in a safe and caring environment is central to our belief as a school. We strive to develop empathetic, successful and excited students with a thirst for knowledge.