An der Internationalen Gemeinschaftsschule Erfurt bilden Schule und Hort eine Einheit. Lernen, Spielen, Forschen und die Welt erkunden, stehen bei uns im Mittelpunkt. Daher bieten wir ein abwechslungsreiches varied afternoon program .

Opening hours

Monday - Friday:     
von   7:00 Uhr bis  8:00 Uhr
und 12:00 Uhr -bis 17:00 Uhr

During the vacations, children are cared for from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. 

Hier finden Sie unser Herbstferienprogramm 2023

Arbeitsgemeinschaften und offene Angebote im Schuljahr 2023/2024

Girls soccer:

For girls who are enthusiastic about soccer, our AG offers the opportunity to develop their skills through play and practice and, of course, to strengthen their self-esteem. In addition, skills are put to the test at the annual Girls Soccer Day and tournaments that take place within the Verbandsliga.

Theatrical dance:

Dance it out of you! We leave the daily school routine behind, turn off the head and turn on the music: Dancing is fun, promotes creativity, gets you fit and strengthens your self-confidence as well as your sense of community. Playfully and rhythmically, we train our body awareness, discover different dance styles and work out our own choreographies together.

Relaxation and massage:

Through a variety of methods, children learn to better perceive themselves and relax both mentally and physically. When massaging, the focus is on a respectful attitude and clear communication. Of course, special grips and massage techniques are practiced each week to expand the repertoire.

Cooking and baking:

In this offer we want to prepare delicious dishes and get to know the processes that are important in cooking and baking. We discuss the recipes, set out our working utensils and help each other with the preparation. Of course, we also learn about healthy eating, proper work techniques, and how to use kitchen equipment. Along the way, we gain basic mathematical experience in measuring and weighing.

Handicrafts with nature and fabrics:

Es werden jede Woche neue Dinge aus Natur und Stoffen gebastelt. Hierbei werden die Feinmotorik geschult und das ästhetische Empfinden ausgebaut. Nachhaltigkeit steht in dieser Arbeitsgemeinschaft im Vordergrund. Die entstandenen Kunstwerke dürfen mit nach Hause genommen werden. Nach Bedarf wird eine Materialgebühr in Höhe von 1,00 Euro erhoben. Die Teilnahme ist begrenzt.


Here, every soccer fan has the opportunity to let the ball roll on our soccer field. The games are mostly played as a classic team game and depending on the number of participants, small tournaments can also take place. The focus of the AG is on building team spirit and fair play as well as promoting playful and technical skills.

Team games:

Playing creates closeness and trust. It gives children the chance to practice social behavior. Our team games, in which students from different grades participate, focus primarily on having fun. The goal is to strengthen the sense of community and provide a lot of action and movement.

Poetry workshop:

In Poetry Workshop, we will read poems to each other, write our own, and also present our own work. We want the students to get to know a way to express their feelings and things that move them. Classes 1 - 4 can participate in the workshop.


Kung Fu serves to increase condition, coordination, concentration and willpower. In addition, you practice various breathing techniques, which serve, for example, to reduce stress.

What can you learn?

Project Workshop:

This workshop deals with decorating, painting and designing a spatial area in the school building. A theme is developed together and then put into practice. The focus here is on actively involving the children in a community service project, from planning to preparation to implementation. The goal of the AG is to create an atmosphere that invites the children to feel comfortable, learn and play in the all-day area.