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First Steps
Our kindergarten cares for 20 children starting from the age oof 18 months up to their transition to school in aged-mixed groups.
We create a supportive learning atmosphere in which the children can learn indipendently. We are based in the Berliner Vorstadt close to the Neue Garten and the Heilige See and thus surround by beautiful nature. Our kindergarten is set the raised ground flour of a Gründerzeitvilla. Behind the kindergarten there is a 700 qm tree-covered garden.

With its gaming devices, its sand pit, a garden house and a lawn it is a great place to spend pleasant hours in nature.

A elemtary need of children is to move themselves. This is an important part of our musical early education. Children experience music with their body: They jump, turn around, or clap according to a given rhythm.

Help me doing it on my own
We orientate our work towards the progressive teaching principle of the Montessori approach. Our cozy rooms create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
All children are able to work on inspiring topic with all their senses and without any time pressure.

The goal of our educational activities is on the one hand to support the creativity, fanatasy and the communicative skills of the children and on the other hand to impart an age appropirate store of knowledge. Withal we especially focus on the development of the social skills of the children.  The fredoom and joy of movement is essential.

I speak two languages
Besides German, English is part of our everday communication. Its usage is oriented towards the principle of immersion. Our teachers are either native speakers or have high foreign-language skills.

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