Support association

Der Förderverein unterstützt den Schulträger der Internationalen Gemeinschaftsschule Erfurt. Sowohl die membership fees and donations to the Friends are tax deductible in Germany. 

Die Mitglieder des Fördervereins helfen durch:
  • supporting school events
  • support for study groups and supplementary instructional events
  • support for school committees and parent initiatives
  • support for the quality development of the institution
  • support of the afternoon activities
  • support for trips abroad

Eine Mitgliedschaft im Förderverein ist für jeden Interessenten möglich. Als Mitglied in unserem Förderverein können Sie hier unsere statutes einsehen. Den membership application form together with the contract documents to the secretary's office of our school when your child is admitted.

The following projects were realized with the Support Association:

  • Covered seating groups for the outdoor area
  • Co-financing of Smart Boards
  • Acquisition of playground equipment
  • Acquisition of choir microphones