Secondary Level

Die Internationale Schule in Erfurt ist eine Gemeinschaftsschule mit gymnasialer Oberstufe und einem bilingualem Zweig.

We provide a continuous school program from the first grade to the Abitur.

Knowledge is systematically built up in competence-oriented lessons. The goal is for students to apply their knowledge independently, solve problems and act on their own responsibility. 

Our community school with upper secondary level comprises grades 1 to 12. It provides a basic, extended, or in-depth general education and includes the course of education for the acquisition of the qualified lower secondary school leaving certificate, the intermediate secondary school leaving certificate and the course of education for the acquisition of the general higher education entrance qualification.

In addition to teaching the main subjects, we encourage and support self-organized and personalized learning.

Personalized learning

Depending on a student’s learning style, previous knowledge, experience and interests, personalized learning is geared to each individual student. Different learning arrangements and individual assignments support the students in working independently on learning tasks.

Depending on a particular learning style and need, students are supported in small groups.

In the graduation-related classes, we offer exam preparation courses at all levels. 

Media education from the 5th grade onwards

An der Internationalen Gemeinschaftsschule fordern und fördern wir die Medienbildung unserer Schüler.

Students are prepared for digital learning with an additional iPad lesson. Beginning in grade 7, every student learns with their iPad.

Elective classes

The right offer for every interest. Starting in grade 7, students choose their elective subject from the respective range of subjects. 

For example: Spanish, media and technology, presentation and design.

Extracurricular places of learning

Knowledge and understanding remain in a child’s memory if it is practiced or connected with emotions. Our concern is to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Our students enthusiastically participate in projects and competitions in the subject areas of natural and social sciences.

English is the world language of the present and the future

In today's world, communicative structures and professional practices are developing in such a way that people depend on English as a world language in their private and professional lives.

We start bilingual teaching in the first grade. In the course of your child’s schooling, they will acquire language skills and intercultural knowledge that will go far beyond the basic expectations. 

Study and career preparation

What happens after school? Apprenticeship or study? Which profession do I want to take up? Which course of study will best prepare me for it?