International Primary School

The International Primary School has been providing bilingual education since 2005 as the first and only school of its kind in Potsdam. Given the high attractiveness and great success of our English-language offerings from highly-skilled native English speaking teachers, we are a much sought-after school.

Parents can decide to enroll their child in either a German language or an English language classroom with both being calm, yet educationally stimulating environments from which to begin the journey towards life-long learning.

Our concept is based on the reform pedagogical principles of Montessori education, the framework curriculum of the state of Brandenburg and our creative, topic-based bilingual school program..

The focus of learning centers on the continuous improvement of language skills and the development of a fundamental understanding of mathematics and science.

As your child progresses through the primary school, they will explore many varied and contextually rich learning topics always with a fixed eye on internationalism and globally minded learning. As they prepare for their next stage of discovery in our comprehensive school they are encouraged and supported along every step of the way in order to become self-confident, creative, independent learners within a learning community in which everyone pulls together.

A good start from the beginning - learning in two languages

Our students grow up in a different world than we did in our school days. They are confronted with different experiences and have different needs. In order to meet our students' needs, we adapt our teaching methods to successfully meet these needs. We are flexible and constantly developing in step with your child.

This includes, among other things, effective modelling, guidance by the teacher, ample time for practicing tasks, reflective educational planning, self-organizational skills and structuring learning material. Only when students have sufficient knowledge of these procedures, are they are able to achieve successful learning results independent of support from others. Optimal learning conditions such as small classes, double hour lessons, a zero policy towards cancelled lessons due to teacher absence, method training, Montessori pedagogy and individual support lessons in small groups guarantee a beneficial school time which your child will remember long afer their graduation.

Our main concern - making children strive for more

The starting point is always the child with their thirst for knowledge and joy of being active participants in discovery, their desire for friendships, their orientation towards positive role models, their search for their identity and their own path in which to traverse. At International School Potsdam, we create a framework for all these needs and more, always with an eye to the future.

Classes and lessons

From Year 1 to Year 6, children can be taught in a German or English-speaking class. As a rule, class teachers lead their classes through two school years. Our classrooms are equipped with a variety of carefully considered, stimulating and thought-provoking learning materials. The children learn either alone, in pairs, in small groups, in class or with the whole year group.

We are a homework-free school. Repetitions and in-depth exercises are integrated into the timetable. The school materials may remain in the school or be taken home.

Time for intensive learning

The double hour learning model allows more time for revision and practice in addition to in-depth learning to occur. The 90-minute lessons allow for more variety and freedom in methodical lesson design.
In addition, our students apply their newly learnt knowledge across many different mediums such as written prose, group dialogue, sharing presentations, model making, podcasts and creating learning posters. 

Learning development reports from Grade 1 to Grade 4.

The reporting of learner’s work is compiled via formative and summative assessments, teacher observations, pupil utterances-which are often the most enlightening means to measure a student’s understanding and student self-reflection questionnaires. The school conducts two annual parent-teacher conferences which allow the sharing of your child’s academic progression. Although regular communication between school and home means that the progression of your child is always open and timely. 

Until grade 4, students receive a learning development report at the end of each half school year. This reports on each child’s academic progression across all their subjects, as well as their learning styles and attitude toward search subject. Additionally, guidance is published which will share methods which can help extend your child’s learning or act as a target in which to accelerate progression for the next half school year.

Individual support and demand

After a systematic diagnosis of learning requirements and learning outcomes, we analyze the students learning process.

Measures for targeted individual support and challenge are derived and implemented. The Montessori and learning rooms are used for this purpose. 

Our afternoon care educators accompany our students in their individual learning in class or in small groups. Students with special talents are encouraged in our school.

Your child’s daily routine

We offer the students a structured daily routine with lessons, projects, a common lunch break and leisure activities. 

Phases of intensive, independent learning, practice, engagement in self-selected projects, relaxation and play are combined. 


A strong sense of community, lively dialogue and reliable all-day care makes our school a place worth living in. 

As a school with all-day care, we offer the students a colourful, varied afternoon program with our study groups. The focus is on learning, playing, researching and exploring the world. 

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