International Comprehensive School

Our comprehensive school with upper secondary level comprises years 7 to 13. It provides a basic, extended or in-depth general education and includes the course of education for the acquisition of the extended vocational school-leaving certificate (EBR), the course of education for the acquisition of the Fachoberschulreife (FOR) and the course of education for the acquisition of the general university entrance qualification..

In addition to teaching the main subjects, we promote and support self-organized and independent learning.
The aim is to support the students in achieving their best individual school-leaving certificate.

From Year 7 onwards, our pupils learn in inter-year groups. We use both teacher-centered forms of teaching, in which the teacher controls the work, interaction and communication processes, and student-centered forms of teaching, in which the students take a high degree of responsibility for their own learning process.

Self-organized learning promotes personalized and cooperative learning. It is aimed at increasing self-organization of the learners in the learning process.

Explaining the world

Learning with the iPad

creates an incredibly personal learning experience for all students.

As a means to an end, our students use this tool for self-organized learning, allowing them complete freedom of movement and expression.

Students receive more of their learning assignments digitally, so that they can access the module-relevant work assignments at any time during the subject lessons within the entire learning time.

Exciting apps and software are used for illustration, research and knowledge transfer.

For example, a history lesson can become as exciting and vivid as the present by restoring ancient artefacts. 3D models of a steam engine can be built, a virtual orchestra can be conducted, a work of art can be created, a museum can be visited virtually or a soundtrack for a lecture on classical music can be composed.

English is the world language of the present and the future

In today's world, communicative structures and professional practices are developing in such a way that people depend on English as a world language in their private and professional lives.

We start bilingual teaching in the first grade. In the course of your child’s schooling, they will acquire language skills and intercultural knowledge that will go far beyond the basic expectations. 

Subject teacher and mentor

Our subject teachers teach their respective subject in the respective subject rooms. As a mentor, they take over a group of up to 15 students and accompany them on their educational path. For us, mentoring means: guiding students to success, contact, care, recognition, aspiration, confidence, listening and a constructive feedback culture with our students and parents.

Elective classes

The right offer for every interest. From Year 7 onwards, students choose two subjects from the range of compulsory electives according to their interests: 

Extracurricular places of learning

Content stays in the memory when it is lived or connected with active experiences. 
Our students enthusiastically participate in projects and competitions in the subject areas of sports, natural sciences, social sciences and economics.
Our projects are considered exceptional learning experiences: