Media education

From Now to Tomorrow

Since 2010, we have been teaching interdisciplinary lessons in all grades with digital devices such as iPads, laptops and smartboards. Every classroom has a projector and Apple TV.

This is made possible via a fully developed WiFi network with fibre optics or DSL cable. 

Transparency and communication

The students and teachers are very well connected through digital learning and communication platforms. 

Media use is more than just surfing and consuming

The ability to use media purposefully and responsibly is called media competence and is anchored in our school program. Conscious use of the Internet is essential.

We teach our students how algorithms work and how they are constructed. Using this method, students are optimally prepared for the challenges and opportunities of digitalization.

The students are introduced to safe internet use, as well as anonymity on the web, copyright, rights to one's own image, cyberbullying, etc.

Our students learn

To illustrate lesson content, they learn how to use the iPad , for didactic games and for individual practice.

From Year 5 onwards, the students receive a personal school iPad. With this they learn how to handle digital learning assignments and the basics of digital filing and notebook management, as well as how to take responsibility with digital devices.

From Year 7 onwards, the students receive their learning assignments digitally. Each student purchases an iPad for this purpose. This is administered during the school year so that only school-appropriate applications are available for learning.