Career and study preparation

Self-determined independence

Career preparation is the process of preparing each student with the skills needed for a specific profession or trade. This may include studying for a particular profession, completing an apprenticeship or learning a trade. Meaningful and effective career preparation ensures being adequately prepared for the challenges expected in the chosen field.

Often, people choose a university and a course of study without having clear career goals. Through targeted coaching, we accompany students in identifying their individual career path and achieving their goals according to their strengths, competencies and passions.

This is what we do

Courses on career and study orientation from secondary school onwards

Personality development

Complementary and exciting course offering variety and space for identification of and development of individual strengths.

Students are encouraged to take part in our career preparation seminars. These include public-speaking training courses, elocution training, an excursion into the digital application world and preparation for job applications and interviews.

What are my goals?

What do I want my professional activity to look like?

Do I want to be creative, organize or negotiate?

In which environment do I want to work and live?

In an open-plan office, in a home office, alone or with others?

Do I want to travel a lot, live in the city or in the country?

Do I want to act in a self-determined way, or do I need instructions from above?

Do I long for residential property or to travel around the world as a digital nomad?

Do I want to get to know other countries first and prefer a year abroad?